2023-24 Kaw Valley USBC Senior City Tournament

February 9th,10th,16th and 18th 2024

West Ridge Lanes

  • Ages 50+
  • Open and Women’s available.
  • Super Senior Division available this year!
  • Deadline for sign-up is Friday afternoon, Feb 9th


1. This event is open to all current KV USBC association members. Bowlers must have reached age 50 before August 1, 2023. Any bowler that does not have a current membership and wishes to participate may do so by paying the $29 membership fee.

2. Averages Rules. Entrants shall use their highest USBC certified average in the following

A. 2022-23 winter season with at least 21 games, if no average then

B. 21 games or more as of February 10, 2024 (must provide current league standing sheet)

C. All others will use an entering average of 220.

3. Handicap shall be 100% of 220 of the individual’s average for both events.

4. It shall be the bowler’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of the average used in this tournament. If the entering average is lower than the actual average and the bowler fails to correct the average prior to the completion of the first game of any event bowled the score will be disqualified. If the entering average is higher than the actual average and is not corrected, then all scores will be based on the entering average.

5. Singles. Bowlers can only bowl once in singles event. There will be 2 divisions.
A . Div 1 – Senior Division: Ages 50-64
B. Div 2 – Super Senior Division: Ages 65 +

6. Doubles. Bowlers may bowl twice in Doubles event but must switch partners on each entry and enter before the deadline. Re-entries are not allowed. There will be 2 divisions.
A. Div 1 – bowlers whose ages add up to 129 and below.
B. Div 2 – bowlers whose ages add up to 130 and above.
C. The first score bowled counts towards your all-events score.
D. Doubles lineup remains as accepted on the original entry form.
E. Doubles and Singles may be bowled on different days. If you choose to bowl both events on the same day, Doubles will be bowled first, and both events will be bowled on the same pair of lanes.

7. All Events available if bowling both Singles and Doubles events. Division placement is the same as in the Singles event.
8. Prize Money will be returned 100% at a ratio of at least 1 in 5 per event. In the event of first place ties, co-champions will be declared, and prize monies will be combined and divided equally.

9. When Substitute is used, any prize money/award won shall be paid/given to the substitute.

10. Bowlers must be present at least 30 minutes prior to squad time. Any bowler arriving late shall be allowed to bowl and will start in the frame then being bowled and will receive zero (0) for all frames missed.

11. Refunds will only be given with approval from tournament director. No money will be refunded after entries close.

12. You will bowl on the date(s) selected on your entry.


If you need confirmation or have questions, contact: Association Manager at 785-438-8656 or email kvusbcmanager@yahoo.com

13. Rules not covered on this form shall be covered by current USBC Playing Rules.

Rev. 12/17/2023